Launchable product rollout

This document covers the four phases of the Launchable Product Rollout. These phases will be driven by the Launchable CS team through weekly recurring meetings.


  • The Launchable CS team will meet with the teams necessary for integration.

    • Note: If this project was used for the POC, this phase can be skipped.

    • We will go through the following items:


  • Setup an install session, or verify install after it is completed.

    • Note: If this project was used for the POC, we just need to verify that subsetting targets are correct for production usage. Otherwise, this phase can be skipped.

    • Install docs

    • Verify data as it comes in:

      • Launchable will collect both build and test data for ~4 weeks.

      • We will provide updates on this, as the model could be ready earlier than this as well.

      • Implement subsetting and verify data.


  • Launchable will continue to support the team, and make sure the integration is working as intended.

    • Launchable will maintain a weekly call for “office hours”, as rollout continues across other teams.

Periodic check-ins

  • Launchable weekly call will move to a monthly check-in call after all integrations are stabilized.