Instructions for fixing common integration problems.

Verification failure

Firewalls and static IP addresses

If you receive an error like this one, then you'll need to configure your firewall to allow traffic to

$ launchable verify
unable to post to
$ launchable record build
Exception in thread "main" No address associated with hostname

If you need to interact with the API via static IPs, first set the LAUNCHABLE_BASE_URL environment variable to

The IP for this hostname will be either or which you can add to your firewall settings.

Proxies and certificates

If your CI server sits behind a proxy, you can tell the CLI to use it by setting the HTTP_PROXY and/or HTTPS_PROXY environment variables. For example:

export HTTP_PROXY=""
export HTTPS_PROXY=""

Similarly, if you need to specify a certificate:

export curl_ca_bundle="/usr/local/myproxy_info/cacert.pem"

These examples come from the documentation for Requests, which the CLI uses under the hood. See that page for more details.