Launchable’s 2022 DevOps Starter Pack

Our Guide to Launching Into 2022 With Higher Velocity

Key Takeaways

  • Use this guide as you roll into 2022 to help your developers fail fast and deliver with confidence.

  • 2022 DevOps trends, including how teams can increase testing velocity with machine learning.

  • In 2022, focus on the kind of tests that help your DevOps teams drive better results: smarter flaky test detection and intelligent unit testing.

Whether it’s Spotify Wrapped or Reddit Recaps, it seems like everyone’s trying to feed you an end-of-year review. But isn’t looking back at 2021 so….last year?

Launchable is excited to help your DevOps leap into the new year with all the info you need going into 2022. Use this guide as you roll into 2022 to help your developers fail fast and deliver with confidence.

We’ve given you everything you need to make sure your DevOps teams avoid any holiday hangover, all in one place! Check out our best insights, product updates, and advice to help your teams launch into 2022 with higher velocity:

DevOps Trends for 2022 (and beyond)

Know where the DevOps landscape is headed with these three think pieces:

The Evolution of DevOps Testing Tools

There’s constant pressure on engineering teams to push new software releases out at a faster rate. How can DevOps teams increase testing velocity? Machine learning and AI are positioned to play a key role.

The Evolution of CI/CD and Future of Software Development 

Exciting times in 2022; we’re on the cusp of the next evolution within the development environment. In a virtual roundtable hosted by Incredibuild, a panel of Jenkins industry experts discussed the previous, current, and future phases of CI/CD. Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Co-CEO at Launchable, was one of five thought leaders to lend their insights in this thorough discussion. Don’t miss out on the expertise.

Ensure Quality Code Without Sacrificing Development Speed

Agile development has changed the way we look at quality in testing: the Iron Triangle is a thing of the past. However, data produced by testing tools can sometimes do more harm than good, creating a tsunami of data that gives developers too much to sort through. What’s the best way to understand feedback from your tools?

Top Launchable Product Updates

We’re constantly listening to our customers and tweaking our products for best results. Here are three changes that will help you in 2022:

Predictive Test Selection

Launchable ML identifies and runs tests with the highest probability of failing based on code and test metadata to speed up the dev feedback loop.

Launchable CLI

Launchable CLI is accessible to lots of teams with 18(!) test runners and build tools. Our machine learning algorithm has helped some developers reduce test run time by up to 90%.

Flaky Test Insights

Flaky Tests are frustrating and time-consuming for developer teams. The Flaky Tests Insights beta demonstrated our commitment to recognizing pervasive problems for development teams, and creating a solution that works.

When you just can’t get enough of DevOps testing advancements …

In 2022, let’s focus on the kind of tests that help your DevOps teams drive better results:

How Top DevOps Teams are Combating Flaky Tests

More webinar content for you! Co-CEO Kohsuke Kawaguchi discussed different approaches that industry-leaders are taking to address the flaky test plague that hampers DevOps teams.

Continuous Delivery Through Smarter Unit Testing 

No one likes a testing bottleneck. New testing solutions have emerged that help companies focus on the important stuff: developing new features and shipping quality code faster. Learn how to make your unit testing smarter.

Three Approaches To Reducing Integration Testing Cycles with Machine Learning

A lot can go wrong when building an application. Identifying problems isn’t easy, but a little guidance can certainly help. Through tactics such as shift left, smoke tests, and shift right, developers are saving time and solving more problems for customers.

We hope this guide serves as your launchpad for a new year with new possibilities. We at Launchable wish you a stellar start to 2022!

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