Your team drowns in a firehose of test failures before every release

We help them find calm amidst the chaos and ship with confidence.



Optimize tests to run



Filter away noise


Dashboard and charts

Analyze the problem



Raise awareness


Chart and messages

Track the fix

SOC2 certified

It takes about one hour of a developer's time to set up Launchable

  • Four lines of changes in a CI Script
  • No developer support needed after setup
  • SOC 2 certified to keep your data safe
SOC 2 Type 1 Badge

Test run status on GitHub Pull Requests

Flakiness score of a test

Get notified of test sessions status in GitHub PR

Convenient and timely access to the details of the tests run in GitHub pull requests.

Developers can start working on failures, even before the whole CI process finishes.

These are delivered as comments to pull requests.

Faster triaging of issues with instant & personalized test failure notifications

Launchable notifies engineers of build and test failures caused by them. No more polling CI servers. No more waiting for QA to notify developers if they broke the build. Get to issues before anyone else does.

LaunchableAPP11:42 AM   Test session 123454 failed!View test resultsDetailsWorkspace: launchableinc/cliBuild name: 2536986069Recorded: 2022-06-29 15:42:20 UTCFlavors: browser=chrome100, os=macos12.3.1Summary127 tests passed, 10 failed, 0 skipped46.2 min total durationFailed tests (max. 5)1. | tests.utils.test_logger.LoggerTest | tests/utils/test_logger.pytest_logging_default2. | tests.utils.test_logger.LoggerTest | tests/utils/test_logger.pytest_log_level_audit3. | tests.utils.test_http_client.LaunchableClientTest | tests/utils/test_http_client.pytest_header4. | tests.utils.test_gzipgen.GzippenTest | tests/utils/test_gzipgen.pytest_compress5. | tests.utils.test_file_name_pattern.FileNameHeuristicTest | tests/utils/test_file_name_pattern.pytest_jvm_file_nameSlack window showing test notifications
  • Push notifications on test status
  • Personalized—react only to changes that impact you
  • Say goodbye to checking CI or emails
  • Improve your quality of life with fewer context switches
Launchable webapp screenshot showing email notifications

Daily email report to stay on top of Issues

Launchable Intelligent Test Failure Diagnostics classifies multiple test failures into underlying issues for faster root cause analysis.

The daily report email surfaces issues for the team to react faster.

  • Email notification of new, ongoing, and resolved issues
  • Understand the status of issues
  • Share critical issues with the team
Launchable webapp screenshot showing test session results

Debug faster by getting to failures faster

Jump from notifications to the Launchable test dashboard to quickly deep dive into your test results.

No more clicking through clumsy CI interfaces to get to important information.

Developers can stop context switching waiting for test run statuses

To keep moving your PR forward, you need to keep track of which test suites are running for your PR, and take action at the end of each run—but this gets lost in CI systems behind too many clicks, or is buried in emails.

Without Test Notifications, waiting for tests requires constant context switching

Without Test Notifications, waiting for tests requires constant context switching

Using Launchable, you can continue working and context switch only when you break the build, or have to merge your PR

Using Launchable, you can continue working and context switch only when you break the build, or have to merge your PR
Increased confidence chart

Lightning fast iterative dev-test loop

Optionally pair up with Predictive Test Selection to build extremely fast, iterative dev-test feedback loop.

It's incredibly simple to install

  • Install Slack app
  • Connect your test suite to Launchable
  • Subscribe your GitHub user name
  • Start getting notifications

Your co-pilot for Triaging, Understanding and Managing Test Failures

Quality a focus? Working with nightly, integration or UI tests?
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