The key challenge facing computer software companies: long cycle times on a myriad of supported platforms

Long testing cycles

Companies that deliver on-premises software have complex codebases that go back years. Multiple components that are integrated and tested together. Long integration tests usually means that failures are found too late.

This causes repeated delays in delivery and huge stress on developers.

Inefficient cloud spending on tests

The easy answer to speed up tests is to spin up more cloud resources: beefier machines, and parallelized tests.

However, every new platform means additional spending on cloud/on-premises devices.

The above challenges have a direct impact on the delivery cycle time—your developers are frustrated waiting for tests to be run on various platform to validate their changes.

Our productivity loss is about 30-40% every day. I log into see if my builds ran after I put my kids to bed. This is just frustrating.
Lead engineer on the dashboard team

Radically accelerate your delivery velocity

Smarter testing to shorten your test cyles with lower infrastructure spending

Launchable’s Predictive Test Selection technology uses ML to predict which tests are likely to fail based on incoming commits. Developers can use the subset to shorten test suites runtimes and/or shift-tests earlier in the development cycle, radically improving feedback time. Faster feedback time leads to faster dev loops, faster delivery and happier developers.

All this, while reducing the cloud infrastructure spend for testing. Lower cloud costs while delivering high quality code and higher velocity means that leaders can efficiently allocate dollars elsewhere.

Launchable provides fast and smart subsets of tests, which are run by our developers on every commit, as well as during nightly and release regressions, benefitting us by giving targeted testing, and saving money on resources.
Roma M. Engineering Manager, Delphix

Dynamic smoke testing to test more with optimized cloud spending

Teams often want to test earlier in the cycle—think bring post-merge tests into pre-merge test runs. Teams often cannot do this because of their inability to pick the right tests to run earlier. They either have to create static smoke tests or run the entire suites earlier leading to prohibitively high testing spend.

Teams can now use Launchable to shift-tests earlier in the development cycle—think Dynamic Smoke Tests.

This helps developers find failures fast, iterate faster and release software with high confidence. They do so while making the most efficient use of their testing budget.

Launchable gives teams time to modernize their architecture

A number of teams have an added pressure to move to microservices to modernize monolith applications. By reducing the development cycle time, Launchable offers existing developers more time. This time can be used elsewhere like modernizing the tech stack.

The Launchable Test Intelligence Platform also offers Test Insights to find inefficient test suites, and Test Notifications to speed up feedback to developers.

Works with your existing tools, languages and processes

Results in weeks—no months-long DevOps transformations

The ML-based approach from Launchable means that it can work with existing languages and tools. Developers start seeing their dev cycles go faster withouth doing any changes to their processes.