Your team drowns in a firehose of test failures before every release

We help them find calm amidst the chaos and ship with confidence.



Optimize tests to run



Filter away noise


Dashboard and charts

Analyze the problem



Raise awareness


Chart and messages

Track the fix

Instant Issue Comprehension

GenAI drives instant clarity on underlying software issues raised by test failures.
Launchable transforms complex, voluminuous error logs into succinct summaries to quickly identify the crux of issues.

Jenkins build failure

Intelligent Failure Diagnostics through intelligent grouping

Issue details

Say goodbye to triaging individual tests one-by-one

Automated Issue Identification and Creation Our system identifies matching stderr to identify related issues automatically, streamlining your workflow.

Easily pinpoint new and recurring issues

A Test Session dashboard page that quickly gets to see issue history to see if the issue is new or recurring.

Pinpoint issue
Test session details

Stay on top of issues

Dynamic Issue Updating As new test sessions get recorded, our system continually updates each issue, keeping your data fresh and relevant.

Detailed Issue Insights Dive deep into each test case result directly from the test session details page, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Easily get to more context A test sessions page that captures context for a failed test session with links back to Jenkins, PRs and builds to get more context.

Your co-pilot for Triaging, Understanding and Managing Test Failures

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