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Your team drowns in a firehose of test failures before every release

We help them find calm amidst the chaos and ship with confidence.



Optimize tests to run



Filter away noise


Dashboard and charts

Analyze the problem



Raise awareness


Chart and messages

Track the fix

SOC2 certified

It takes about one hour of a developer's time to set up Launchable

  • Four lines of changes in a CI Script
  • No developer support needed after setup
  • SOC 2 certified to keep your data safe
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Optimize your testing runs to run tests with a fast turnaround time, with reduced costs.

Subset requests13 requestsTotal estimated time saved351.67 mins
Increased confidence chart

Time Savings

Every time you run only a subset of your test suite using Predictive Test Selection, you save time.

MONTH2024-06Not final yet2024-05Final2024-04Final2024-03Final2024-02Final2024-01FinalPTS TEST SESSIONS134167148544099TOTAL DURATIONWITHOUT LAUNCHABLE1,787 hours2,228 hours1,598 hours203 hours203 hours1,609 hoursTOTAL DURATIONWITH LAUNCHABLE221 hours279 hours311 hours143 hours119 hours1,720 hoursTIME SAVED hours1,566(88%) hours1,949(87%) hours1,287(81%) hours60(30%) hours84(42%) hours111(07%)

Predictive test selection ensures you run the tests that are likely to find failures first. Quickly find and verify test issues. Save time, reduce costs, and ensure every test run counts.

Check out Predictive Test Selection

Up to 80% reduction

in test suite execution times

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Filter away the noise from your unhealthy tests to find and focus on what truly matters

Flaky Tests

Filter top 20 flaky test cases using data from test sessions.

Flaky test cases

Never Failing Tests

Never failing tests take up execution time and require maintenance, but yet they may not add value.

Never failing test cases
Failed test cases

The AI-powered Insights flag and quantify the friction caused by unhealthy tests helping teams to prioritize issues that matter.

Discover Test Suite Insights



GenAI drives instant clarity on underlying software issues raised by test failures

Jenkins build failure

Intelligent Test Failure Diagnostics re-imagines issue diagnosis by automatically grouping related failures. The GenAI Co-pilot summarizes long comprehensive error logs for faster comprehension. Swiftly pinpoint root causes to accelerate your software delivery timeline.

Check out Intelligent Test Failure Diagnostics



Every team member informed, when it really matters.

LaunchableAPP11:42 AM   Test session 123454 failed!View test resultsDetailsWorkspace: launchableinc/cliBuild name: 2536986069Recorded: 2022-06-29 15:42:20 UTCFlavors: browser=chrome100, os=macos12.3.1Summary127 tests passed, 10 failed, 0 skipped46.2 min total durationFailed tests (max. 5)1. | tests.utils.test_logger.LoggerTest | tests/utils/test_logger.pytest_logging_default2. | tests.utils.test_logger.LoggerTest | tests/utils/test_logger.pytest_log_level_audit3. | tests.utils.test_http_client.LaunchableClientTest | tests/utils/test_http_client.pytest_header4. | tests.utils.test_gzipgen.GzippenTest | tests/utils/test_gzipgen.pytest_compress5. | tests.utils.test_file_name_pattern.FileNameHeuristicTest | tests/utils/test_file_name_pattern.pytest_jvm_file_nameSlack window showing test notifications

Contextualized and personalized notifications for developers so that they are interrupted only when it matters to them.

Try Notifications with Slack



Track, monitor, and validate. Every Issue fix, every time.

Coming soon: Integrate seamlessly with existing tracking tools like Jira to monitor the progress of every fix in real-time, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

“Thanks to Launchable, we’ve managed to increase the speed of our pipeline for our engineers, reducing waiting time and costs and increasing productivity and satisfaction all around. The product is thorough and easy to integrate, which allowed us to get it on production in just one month.”

Bastian Zamorano, Product Manager for Developer Enablement,
From GoCardless

“Launchable is critical in our ongoing efforts to cut wait times for developers, enabling them to deliver more features, faster.”

Senior Test Engineer
From a major German car manufacturer

How Launchable helped a German car manufacturer

Your AI co-pilot for Triaging, Understanding and Managing Test Failures

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