Lord Voldemort comes out of the shadows at Launchable

Welcome Kohsuke Kawaguchi to Launchable!

Key Takeaways

  • No, we don't actually think Kohsuke resembles anything like Lord Voldemort, but ahead of the news we might have used "the one who cannot be named" in good fun.

  • This is a repost of a Launchable internal blog to talk about Kohsuke starting Launchable. We're thrilled to be working together!

The inside news on Kohsuke starting Launchable

This is a repost of a Launchable internal blog to talk about Kohsuke starting Launchable. If you must ask, no – we don’t really think he is Lord Voldemort :-).

Finally, the d-day arrived where “you-know-who” or the “one who cannot be named” decided to show himself to the world. We have been tired calling him “you-know-who” in conversations in the last month or two.

Once, Lord Voldemort showed himself to the world, the entire wizarding world wrote platitudes about the fearsome magic he wields and the new spells he is about to invent at Launchable. The coverage in the wizarding magazines:

Our friends, Bob and Sacha covered us too:

In preparation for this work, we mixed some potions to build a great marketing plan , creatively named “Kohsuke starting Launchable Announcement”. Our marketing contacts at our VC partners were impressed by the level of planning and coverage that this small team conjured up.

Part of the plan was getting our sorry looking website to the next level ✅ and doing our own blog on LaunchableInc ✅

There was a lot of firsts here for us a company

  • Media interviews: Rosalie Chan @ Business Insider – thanks to Arseny from Atlassian for a helpful connect; Alan Shimel @ DevOps.com – our beloved Heidi Gilmore from CloudBees, John Waters @ ADTMag – hustle from Harpreet.

  • LinkedIn ads

  • Twitter ads (if I manage to set that damn thing up),

  • podcast with Alan Shimel

Finally, a whole day blown watching media – we got paid to browse today.

Now that the Lord Voldemort is out of the shadows – what’s next?

Is there a showdown between Harry and Voldemort? (For those who don’t know, I go by Harry amongst friends).

Are they going to duel to death? Is Launchable doomed?

Hold your horses, this isn’t the Harry Potter series.

In real life, Lord Voldemort and Harry are good friends. Real life Voldemort is too much of a nice guy to carry the moniker around.

Thus, this is where the story of Voldemort ends. Kohsuke Kawaguchi emerges from the shadow to successfully tackle the Testing world.

The Voldemort doll is going to remain at the desk though ?

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