Top 30 Bug Tracking Software Platforms for 2024

Improve Your Test Failure Triage With The Right Bug Tracking Software

Key Takeaways

  • Bug tracking software is essential for structured issue resolution in software development, improving team communication and project quality.

  • Launchable did the research and compiled the top 30 bug tracking software options for 2024 that includes recapping the diverse functionalities and pricing options, catering to varying team sizes and needs.

  • Effective selection of bug tracking software significantly impacts team productivity and success, with AI-driven solutions like Launchable’s Intelligent Test Failure Diagnostics streamlining bug identification and resolution processes.

Bug tracking software is a crucial part of reliably releasing a polished product, providing a structured way to find and fix issues that pop up during development. It helps teams communicate better, prioritize tasks, and keep their projects top-notch. 

Bug tracking software isn't just about fixing bugs; it's a key tool for teamwork, making collaboration smooth and offering insights that improve the final product's quality. In today's fast-paced tech world, picking the right bug tracking software is a game-changer, boosting productivity and helping teams succeed.

Every year, more and more tools come out for software engineering teams and developers to use. But how can you know which one is the best fit for your team

If you’re thinking of adopting a new bug tracking tool within the next year, here are the top 30 bug tracking software platforms for you to check out for 2024.

1. Asana

Originally designed for project management, Asana can also be configured for issue tracking and bug management. IT teams can also benefit from Asana’s bug tracking template, configurable for your team’s specific needs  

Pricing: Plans ranging from $0 to $10.99 per month per member.

2. BackLog

Nulab’s Backlog solution enables IT teams to easily manage projects, code, bugs, and tasks. Backlog features kanban-based visual workflow boards, built-in Git and SVN repositories, advanced search and filter capabilities, and more. 

Pricing: Plans ranging from $0 to $175.

3. Bird Eats Bug

IT teams can leverage Bird Eats Bug to simplify the way they report and resolve bugs. With one-click bug reporting, screen recording, and replay features, Bird Eats Bug assists teams in improving product quality and decreasing the time it takes to fix customer-facing issues.

Pricing: Plans ranging from $0 to $200 per month and customizable enterprise pricing.

4. BMC Helix ITSM

BMC Helix ITSM offers a robust IT service management platform, including incident and problem tracking, change release management, and knowledge management. The platform is best suited for larger organizations with complex IT processes.

5. BugHost

BugHost is a bug tracking solution offering features such as comprehensive audit trails, workflow capabilities, bug search and reporting, integrated email alerts, and more. The bug tracking and project management system enables companies to improve their return on investment, maintain software development control, and increase productivity.

Pricing: Various plans ranging from $29 to $159 per month and customizable enterprise pricing.

6. BugHerd

BugHerd is a bug tracking and visual feedback software that helps IT teams gather, organize, and take action on website feedback. The tool provides capabilities such as task ranking, bug reporting, and a screenshot and screen recording feature.

Pricing: Various plans, starting from $33 to $191 per month and customizable enterprise pricing.

7. Bugzilla

Bugzilla is an open-source bug tracking system that has been widely used by IT teams for many years. The software solution includes bug management, reporting, and customizable workflow features — in addition to native time tracking functionality, integrated email capabilities, and configurable permissions.

Pricing: Free, open-source.

8. ClickUp

With ClickUp, IT teams can access valuable templates for bug and issue tracking. The platform also includes task management capabilities, powerful GitHub integrations, customizable bug tracking views, and task automation.

Pricing: Plans ranging from $0 to $12 per month per member and customizable enterprise pricing.

9. FogBugz

FogBugz is a versatile software project management system with a strong bug tracking tool. FogBugz provides a single source of truth for bug tracking cases, customizable case flows, and convenient integrations.

Pricing: Plan pricing is determined by team size.

10. Freshdesk

Though it’s primarily a customer support tool, Freshdesk can be used for tracking and managing customer-reported software issues while providing a simple and user-friendly interface.

Pricing: Plans ranging from $29 to $159 per month.

11. GitHub and GitLab Issues

Integrated into GitHub, GitHub Issues simplifies issue tracking and management for software development projects while working seamlessly with Git version control.

GitLab's integrated issue tracking system, GitLab Issues, offers features like issue boards, labels, and powerful integration with GitLab's CI/CD pipelines.

Pricing: GitHub Issues - Plans ranging from $0 to $21. GitLab Issues - Plans ranging from $0 to $99.

12. IBM Rational ClearQuest

Change management software IBM Rational ClearQuest arms IT teams with real-time defect tracking and reporting, development lifecycle tracing, and audit trail management to increase developer productivity and keep control of any changes required. 

Pricing: Custom pricing starting at $1,080 per license.

13. Jira

Developed by Atlassian, Jira is one of the most popular bug tracking and project management tools. The platform is highly customizable, with extensive features for issue tracking, workflow automation, and integration with various development tools.

Pricing: Plans ranging from $0 to $16 per month and customizable enterprise pricing.

14. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a ticket tracking solution that enables IT teams to improve productivity with automatic bug and task organization, email-based ticket management, and a comprehensive project overview platform.

Pricing: Plans ranging from $25 to $100 per month.

15. enables IT teams to collect live feedback from teammates, clients, and users without leaving their organization’s website. Teams can easily send issue reports with features like three-step click, annotating capabilities, and mobile support.

Pricing: Plans ranging from $39 to $99 per month and customizable enterprise pricing. 

16. Mantis Bug Tracker 

Mantis Bug Tracker is a lightweight, open source bug tracking tool that’s easy to implement and use. The tool provides IT teams with basic bug tracking features along with customizable fields and workflows.

Pricing: Free, open source

17. nTask

nTask is an end-to-end issue tracking software that simplifies issue and bug tracking with agile views, project planning views, and risk mitigation tools. IT teams can leverage nTask to benefit from capabilities such as issue management, bug tracking, custom fields, and issues collaboration. 

Pricing: Plans ranging from three dollars to eight dollars and customizable enterprise plans.

18. Pachno (Formerly The Bug Genie)

Pachno is an open source software with live project and time tracking, source code integration, and extensible module-based architecture. With Pachno, IT teams can access feature-rich documentation, workflow support, a variety of kanban-based boards, and more. 

Pricing: Free, open source. 

19. Raygun

Raygun is a specialized error and crash reporting tool that automatically tracks and analyzes application errors. With real-time error notifications and performance monitoring, your team can identify, diagnose, and fix errors faster than ever. 

Pricing: Plans ranging from $40 to $400 and customizable enterprise pricing.  

20. Redmine

Redmine is an open source issue tracking and project management tool with robust features such as custom fields, issue relations, time tracking, Gantt charts and calendar views, and more.

Pricing: Free, open-source.

21. Sentry

Sentry is a software monitoring tool that assists developers in identifying and resolving code-related problems. Sentry’s issue tracking feature focuses on real-time error monitoring and crash reporting for web applications.

Pricing: Plans ranging from $0 to $80 and customizable enterprise pricing. 

22. Shortcut

Increasing product and engineering team collaboration, the Shortcut platform brings planning and development processes into one experience with capabilities such as project management, API features, Kanban board views, and milestone tracking.

Pricing: Plans ranging from $0 to $16 and customizable enterprise pricing.

23. SpiraTeam

SpiraTeam is an Application Lifecycle Management solution that provides teams with unified project lifecycle management features, automatic incident creation, and team collaboration capabilities.

Pricing: Custom pricing based on specific features.

24. Targetprocess

Targetprocess by Apptio is an agile project management tool that provides issue tracking and reporting features. The tool also supports various agile methodologies and customizable workflows.

Pricing: Contact Targetprocess for pricing. 

25. Trac

Trac is an elevated issue and wiki tracking system commonly used for issue management, ticket-based customer support, and screenshot and video recording feedback.

Pricing: Free, open-source. 

26. Trello 

Known for its simplicity and ease of use, Trello is a visual project management tool that can be adapted for bug tracking and issue management with its Kanban-style board for visualizing tasks.

Pricing: Plans ranging from $0 to $10 and customizable enterprise pricing.

27. Userback

Userback is a robust user feedback management platform that provides IT teams with detailed visual bug reporting, custom workflows, visual contexts, and more.

Pricing: Plans range from $59 to $289.

28. YouTrack

Developed by JetBrains, YouTrack is a highly customizable and agile-focused issue tracking tool. YouTrack also offers integration with JetBrains IDEs and supports Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

Pricing: Plan pricing is determined by team size.

29. Zendesk

Originally designed for customer support, Zendesk can be adapted for issue tracking and customer feedback management. Zendesk’s problem tracking platform is suitable for tracking and managing customer-reported bugs.

Pricing: Plan pricing is determined by team size.

30. Zoho BugTracker

Part of the Zoho suite of business software, Zoho BugTracker provides basic bug tracking and robust issue management features. Best suited for small to medium-sized businesses, the platform provides custom workflows, reports, and email notification capabilities. 

Pricing: Plans ranging from $8 to $25 and customizable enterprise pricing.

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