Intelligent Test Failure Diagnostics

Find and focus on what truly matters.

  • When tests fail, root cause analysis and finding that matter is a complex and manual process
  • Flaky test failures add noise to the process of root-cause analysis

Stop drowning in the firehose of test failures

  • Intelligent Test Failure Diagnostics offers a 360-degree view of test sessions, whether you're looking to group related test failures, spot recurrent issues, or track test behaviors.
  • Paired with Flaky Test Insights, engineers can quickly sift through and find issues that matter.

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Product features

  • Instant Issue Comprehension through GenAI

    Transforms complex, voluminuous error logs into succinct summaries to quickly identify the crux of issues.

  • Automated Issue Identification and Creation through intelligent grouping

    Say goodbye to triaging individual tests one by one. We analyze matching stderr to identify related issues automatically, streamlining your workflow.

  • Easily pinpoint new and recurring issues

    Quickly get to see issue history to see if the issue is new or recurring.

  • Dynamic Issue Updating

    As new test sessions get recorded, we continually update each issue, keeping your data fresh and relevant. Shorten test suite run times—drastically improve feedback time to devs by catching issues earlier

  • Detailed Issue Insights

    Dive deep into each test case result directly from the test session details page, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Issue details

TEST CASEtest_get_org_workspace_no_environment_variablestests/utils/test_authentication.pytest_subsettests/test_runners/test_minitest.pytest_authentication_headers_emptytests/utils/test_authentication.pytest_subsettests/test_runners/test_nunit.pytest_record_testtests/test_runners/test_nunit.pyFLAKINESS SCORE1.00 0.020.98 040.0.95 0.040.80 0.040.78TOTAL DURATION16,667 min / week 2,500 min3,334 min / week 417 min250 min / week 50 min134 min / week 9 min47 min / week
2,500 minTotal duration16,667 min / week

Flaky tests insights for root-cause analysis (and sprint planning)

  • Test failures annotated with flakiness tags to assist in test failure analysis
  • Flakiness report of top flaky tests
  • Tests prioritized by wasted time for the team

SOC2 certified

It takes about one hour of a developer's time to set up Launchable

  • Four lines of changes in a CI Script
  • No developer support needed after setup
  • SOC 2 certified to keep your data safe
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