Better Testing With Fewer (Smarter) Tests

How modern engineering teams are using data to launch fearlessly

Engineering teams already have the data they need to address the biggest bottleneck in the development process: testing. The challenge is harnessing that data to move faster with confidence.

During this webinar, Techstrong Research analysts will discuss how teams are managing their software testing process, and how they can increase their velocity and confidence by harnessing the data that’s already available to them. Harpreet Singh, co-Founder and co-CEO of Launchable, discusses the business and technical challenges that he is observing in the market, and how modern engineering teams are using machine learning to test what matters.

You will learn about:

  • Creating shorter and more meaningful test releases

  • Reducing lead to release times

  • Helping developers focus on creativity and meeting user expectations, rather than waiting for test results

You can have the best developers in the world, but every test is making them slower.

80% of your software tests are pointless. The problem is you don't know which 80%. We find the right 20% using your data so that you can ship faster.

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