Blogs Authored by Kohsuke Kawaguchi


The CTO Club: Fine-tuning the Continuous Integration Engine for CTOs

Improve and optimize your Continuous Integration pipelines by addressing challenges like bug triage, unreliable tests, and efficient collaboration.

November 1, 2023


What Donuts Teach Us About DevOps and Delivery Risk

Kohsuke Kawahuchi explains how taming risk with smarter testing will improve the velocity and the happiness of your DevOps team.

March 29, 2022


Making your CI/CD 10x faster

Instead of throwing more machines at the problem, Launchable utilizes AI and automation to decrease testing time and increase code quality.

February 16, 2022


What the Data Tells Us: When it Rains, it Pours

At Launchable, learning from data is what we do day in and day out. Kohsuke Kawaguchi dives into some key findings after putting common sense to the test.

January 25, 2022


Current Approaches to Flaky Testing

The hurdles of flaky software tests and the top insights we gathered on how teams are approaching flaky test mitigation more effectively.

October 4, 2021

Product Updates

Launchable is now in beta!

Pop the bubbly, we're in beta! We've had some amazing preliminary results with early users! Start speeding up test cycles with predictive test selection.

March 22, 2021


Introducing a tiny library for throwing Java exceptions: Cy Young

Launchable introduces Cy Young, a tiny little library that we recently open-sourced for making it easier to throw exceptions in Java.

March 3, 2021


Introducing the Launchable CLI!

The Launchable CLI is now available to beta program participants! Start using our machine learning model to speed up your test cycles today.

January 12, 2021


Launchable is one year old!

My sincere appreciation to everyone for being aboard this journey. Year two will be even more exciting, so buckle up and prepare for a great ride!

September 9, 2020


Kohsuke Kawaguchi + Launchable = Smarter Testing, Faster DevOps

Launchable Co-Founder, Kohsuke Kawaguchi discusses how his experiences and challenges in the DevOps industry lead to creating Launchable.

January 23, 2020